Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rose Month Product Review-Panier des sens, Rejuvenating Rose Hand Cream and Rose Liquid Soap

In honor again of August, here are some other amazing rose products that I am obsessed with! Panier des sens is a company that creates products made in the south of France. This company uses only the best and purest of ingredients and prides itself on sustainability and reducing environmental impact. All products are free parabens, silicone, aluminum, and animal materials. The packaging as well is all recyclable and made with recyclable materials. The ingredients are made with active plant ingredients that are carefully harvested in Province. All ingredients are 95% organic and natural ingredients and uses pure essential oils. This specific cream is the single best and most effective hand cream I have ever used. Rich in pure essential oils of rose and shea butter, this product creates a thick and transformative hand cream. Unlike other hand creams that can be sticky and leave an unpleasant residue on the hands, this cream is easily absorbed yet is ultra nourishing and moisturizing. 
The scent of this hand cream is truly incredibly, smelling of pure and dried roses. It is a smell that convinces that it is in fact made with beautiful and real roses. This  smell of rose is a luxurious but natural perfume that lasts for a long time. For women finding an effective and hydrating hand cream is vital in that the hands can age faster than any other area of the body. Damage of skin on the hands can immediately give away a woman's age. While most women spend their time treating the skin on their face the hands are just as important for not just beauty but health as well. 
The hands are always visible and they need to be taken care of. Hands can also burn very quickly when exposed to the sun creating sun spots, and swollen veins. This hand cream moisturizes the skin and repairs damage. This is a great product for those dry days of winter but can also be used in the heat of summer as rose is a cooling agent. If palms get burned from the sun, this cream can feel very cooling and healing. Either placed by your nightstand and used before bed or carried in your purse for all day use, this is a beautiful find! 
The other incredible rose infused product from Panier des sens is the liquid Rose Soap. This product as well is made with 95% organic and natural ingredients. The soap is made with 100% vegetable oils and rose essential oils. The lather it creates on the hands is luxurious and leaves hands soft, clean and supple. This triple milled soap acts as an effective antiseptic while simultaneously perfuming the skin. The rose tones the skin while moisturizing it as well. The smell of this soap I promise will have you washing your hands more than you ever had.  The experience of using these products truly makes you feel like you are at a french spa. The Parisians definitely know how to make beautiful and organic products that restore balance to the skin. These products have just recently become available in the U.S and are worth immediately adding to any woman's product collection. Another area where we see the beauty and simplicity of the rose as an ingredient.

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